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Coronavirus - self isolation

The New Zealand government recently announced border measures requiring most travellers arriving in New Zealand to self-isolate for 14 days. See the Advice for Travellers on the Ministry of Health website.

As an employer (or employee) you may be wondering how you and your colleagues can continue working even if you can't be in the office together.  If your business already hosts your IT Services in the cloud then it is likely that all you need is an internet connection and your login credentials to gain access and continue working.

If you don't have a work laptop but your business uses Office 365, you should be able to install Office on your PC at home and continue working from there.  You could of course look at getting your work PC delivered to your home if that is a practical option as well.

Microsoft Teams provides you with the ability to collaborate with your colleagues on documents, spreadsheets (and other files), in online meetings with video/audio and screen sharing.

If your business has servers onsite you may need to look at options for getting remote access to the servers.  We are speaking to our clients about the best way to achieve this.  If you are not already a client but would like some guidance and assistance please contact Andrew Jackson on 027 593 4321 or email us at

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If you are unable to perform your normal duties from outside the office, perhaps your time in self-isolation could be used for completing some online training or catching up on those tasks that you never quite get around to.

In the meantime, for more practical information and resources, have a look at the CECC and