About IT Simply

IT Simply was established in 2015 to deliver managed IT services that best fit our clients’ needs, in addition we use innovative technology to deliver useful and understandable business insights.

A common saying in the technology world is that "If Technology is used properly, it should be invisible" - this is what IT Simply does every day. Technology has changed the face of business by offering different tools that can be connected together to give each business the unique solution that simply works for them. Our team at IT Simply enjoy working with our clients to identify these tools, plan the implementation and then roll it out with minimal disruption to the day to day running.

We then take the opportunity to build a reporting platform that brings the business data to life in a usable and understandable format.


Our Mission

To increase productivity for New Zealand businesses through secure, reliable IT Services while helping our clients’ become digitally savvy and get the most out of their IT investments.

About Us

We are an expert team who are genuinely interested in exactly how technology, people and business exists in the same harmonious space.

  • We are curious and passionate about how technology adds to your bottom line financially, and makes your life easier and less stressful.
  • Our office is in Kaiapoi, on the northern edge of Christchurch. We support clients located across New Zealand and beyond.
  • We love getting out and meeting our existing and future clients, we also like to meet on line or on a call.
  • Our systems can all be remotely managed which allows us to react very quickly if there is an issue.

About You

Are you looking for a technology company who can look after you and your business, understand how you operate and what you want to achieve, and do you want to understand what your technology does and how it works without needing a translator or being an engineer?

  • Have you made do with your current IT set up for some years?
  • Is it time to bring your technology into the present and enjoy moving forward with an IT partner rather than just fixing things when they stop working?

Improve your business ​with IT Simply

Improve your business ​with IT Simply

All aspects of your business rely on technology. We look forward to working with you to get the most out of the tools you should be using.