Business Intelligence

Most modern businesses have excellent financial reporting in place which provides a view of how their business is performing with some ability to break down at a product or service level.  By connecting to operational systems and stitching together the key flow of information and activity within your business you can gain much more granular insights in to which products, projects or services are profitable, how profitable and where you are losing money.  Of course, profitability isn’t the only metric you can analyse.  You may be interested in client satisfaction, team and individual performance or something else entirely.
With a Business Intelligence platform in place you can get answers to these questions and many more.

Visualisations provide an instant view of how your business is performing with the ability to drill down to regions, teams, specific clients, products, projects, services or just about anything that is key to understanding your business better.

With the right data and a well structured reporting dashboard, these questions can all be answered quickly and simply by business managers with or without a background in analytics and reporting tools.

The ability to share dashboards allows you to provide a customised view of the information that is key for each individual in your business. Robust security features allow you to restrict the information to only the information each individual should have access to.

What can Business Intelligence do for you business?