Industry 4.0

What does your path to a smart factory look like?

What is Industry 4.0

It's been said that Industry 4.0 is just Lean Manufacturing on steroids.  We think of it as Digital Transformation for Manufacturing.  How can you make better decisions more quickly?  How can you identify and remove more waste from your operational and business processes?  How can you optimise your business to be lean and agile?  At IT Simply we can help you put a plan in place, implement analytics in to your business and help you build momentum towards a modern joined up automated business.

Industry 4.0 or Industrie 4.0 is an initiative which has come out of Germany and been adopted in some form by other countries around the world.  With consumer behaviour and expectations changing it has required a significant shift in thinking around how to improve manufacturing processes even further while meeting customer demands and remaining competitive.

There are similar initiatives in other countries including Smart Factory in the NetherlandsL'Industrie du Futur in France, High Value Manufacturing Catapult in the UK, Fabbrica del Futuro in Italy and Made In China 2025.

So what does all this mean for New Zealand manufacturers?

The common thread we are seeing with all of these initiatives is an attempt by the respective governments to assist industry through guidance, research identifying international trends, including challenges and opportunities.  With this in mind it allows for a common alignment in investment for both government and industry.  Investment in combined R&D projects, investment in training for industry and a better understanding of the skills needed from graduates to shape our learning institutions.

The MBIE Manufacturing sector report – key facts and findings [PDF 1.1MB] states:

New technologies mean that the future of manufacturing is increasingly digitised, automated, interconnected and intelligent – a shift to Industry 4.0.  This trend will impact on the entire nature of the business.  Firms that adopt these new innovations will experience increased productivity and require higher-skilled staff to operate more complex systems. It will make shortrun production (that NZ specialises in) more profitable, but also more feasible for large scale firms; potentially increasing competition in this space.

What does this mean for your business?  How are you transforming your operations, technology, skills and capability within your business to take advantage of these opportunities?

There is no silver bullet or simple answer to any of this.  It is a multi-year journey for all businesses as demonstrated by those who have already begun down this path.  By working with IT Simply, we can help you get started developing a Smarter Factory.

Whether it is operational efficiency through automated production monitoring or simply getting more out of your existing IT investment - we can help!

Are you ready to get started?