Managed Services

A True IT Partnership

We could tell you all about our amazing Managed Services platform with it’s automation engine that maintains your systems and fixes issues instantly.  But let’s face it, you probably don’t care all that much about the technology we use.  We reckon you care more about the fact that we’ll make sure your staff can use the tools you’ve provided them to get the job done.  At IT Simply we take care of the complicated side of IT and provide simple, results based services to make sure your systems are available, responsive and secure.


 Rest assured we use industry leading technology to achieve this but we don't stop there!


We know the key to our shared success is making sure that your staff are able to get their day job done. Once we’ve made sure your systems are well maintained, we work with your staff to make sure they are setup to access the systems and applications they need easily.

We have a full range of managed services to take care of your technology including your network, computers, servers, backup and applications.  We can provide these services individually or bundle them together so that you know your staff are looked after for a predictable monthly per user price.