Process Automation

Help your staff to do more with less!

Process Automation

What is it?

Process Automation takes the repetitive processes in your business and using software, manages them automatically.  This frees up your staff to manage the less repetitive more complicated processes.  It also reduces errors and ensures a consistent experience for your customers.

In short, Process Automation can help you reduce effort, increase accuracy and improve your customer experience.  There are a few things you need to get in place first.

Why should I use it?

We see a lot of business who are still using paper forms to manage their business processes.  Others have moved on to using spreadsheets or other digital documents but they're still very disjointed and prone to failure.  Some have gone as far as implementing software solutions but they are not joined up and different teams are using different software to do their bit.

By selecting the right applications for your business you can gain better visibility of your operations for everyone in your business.  By removing the duplication of effort you can reduce the amount of errors that cause rework and unhappy customers.

Once you have chosen the best technology to suit your business you can begin to look at ways that you can start to automate those processes.  Where are you pushing information through the system in the same way with the same decisions being made.  With some business logic applied to your software you can begin to reduce more waste from your processes and less load on your already busy staff.

How can IT Simply help?

By adopting a Digital Strategy you can make decisions with confidence when purchasing software.  It will also allow you to plan your migration from your current systems and processes to a more efficient way of working.

As part of our Complete Managed Service, we work with our clients to create an IT Strategy which begins by understanding the Business Strategy, this drives decisions that define the IT Strategy.  It also allows us to plan out the next 3-5 years of IT investment allowing our customers to prioritise and schedule this work in a way that works for their business while continually improving their IT environment, security, reliability and performance.  This is of course done with the ultimate goal of improving productivity.

We also provide this service to clients who are on one of our Core Managed Services on a time and materials basis.  So what are you waiting for?


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