Strategic IT Guidance

Every business with a clear vision and strategy realises that technology enhances quality, efficiency and productivity.  It’s only once a business reaches a certain size that it can justify an internal IT team and Chief Information Officer.  All successful businesses need to plan their technology spend to enable the business to deliver against the strategy and achieve its goals.

So, what can you do before your business reaches that size?  Work with us!

We provide you with Strategic IT Guidance through our vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) Service.  This approach allows you to invest with confidence that any spend on technology is part of a plan aligns with your goals and business requirements.

How does it work?

When we begin working with a client we start by getting to know them better.  We need to understand the business strategy, goals and priorities.  With this information in mind we perform an IT audit.  Through our auditing tools and processes we can quickly determine what hardware, software and systems are in use by the business.  We also gain an understanding of what state they are in.

  • Does information flow seamlessly through the business or are the systems in silos?
  • What is impacting productivity?
  • How old is the hardware and software?
  • How secure are the systems in place today?
  • What is holding back the business from achieving its goals?

Technology and Investment Roadmap

Using the information gathered from the audit and discussions with key personnel within your organisation, we provide you with a Technology and Investment Roadmap.  This provides recommended improvements that align with your priorities allowing you to plan for your investment in technology with an eye on the P&L as well.

Regular reviews ensure that the roadmap is maintained, projects are scheduled at the right time for your business and any new technology or options that would help your business can be incorporated.